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Pre-fried Breaded Prawn Cutlets

Item image: Breaded Prawn Cutlets

The original, unique handmade butterfly-style breaded prawn cutlet, with soft texture Japanese-style bread crumb, suitable for entree or main course in hotels, clubs, bistros, function caterers and restaurants.


Two sizes to choose from

Red Box
Blue Box
10-15/LB (BPCRED10):
26pc / inner
12 x 1kg / MC
62pc / inner
6 x 2kg / MC
16-20/LB (BPCRED16):
38pc / inner
12 x 1kg / MC
76pc / inner
6 x 2kg / MC


Do not thaw before cooking.
Deep fry:
in pre-heated oil at 180°C for 3-4 minutes.