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Chicken gyoza

Item image: Chicken gyoza

Made in Australia from at least 86% Australian ingredients

Item image: Chicken gyoza

Eastern Kitchen Chicken Gyoza is made to an authentic Japanese recipe. Premium Australian chicken and vegetables are selected. These ingredients are then combined with unique Japanese style herbs, spices and oils to create the authentic flavour. Finally, the ingredients are lovingly encased in a thin pastry to create a traditional Japanese style Gyoza. To enjoy this authentic Chicken Gyoza you can pan fry, steam, deep fry, boil or microwave.


700g available in some Woolworths stores


Cook from frozen
Pan Fried:

1 Add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil to a heated frying pan.
2 Place Gyoza in pan, flat side down. Cook at high heat for 1 minute.
3 Add 100ml of water and cover with lid. Cook at medium heat for 4 minutes.
4 Remove lid, maintain a medium heat, till all water has evaporated. Continue cooking till flat side is crispy and light golden brown.
5 Remove from heat and serve.

Steam frozen Gyoza for 10 minutes.

Deep fry:
Deep fry frozen Gyoza in 170℃ heated oil approximately for 3 minutes.


Serving Per package 7
Serving Size 100g
Avg. QTY /Serve Avg. QTY /100g
Energy 701kJ 701kJ
Protein 7.3g 7.3g
Fat Total 7.0g 7.0g
Saturated 1.4g 1.4g
Carbohydrate Total 18.2g 18.2g
Sugars 2.4g 2.4g
Sodium 604mg 604mg